Hi, my name is Emma

I live in Reading, England and my home is my heaven. I spend hours trying to make it beautiful but my five little (or not so little) darlings spend hours giving me more to do! It is a never finished project, which is one of the best. There is always plenty of opportunity to get creative here, decorating, DIY, soft furnishings, I try it all.

I have been blessed my whole life with a strong need to create things. It’s my escape and it brings me much joy. Although I studied science, I have finally given into my creative urges and am thoroughly enjoying running a craft business from home.

I’m a big fan of digital scrapbooking. I love photography and Photoshop and am amazed that you can make something quite special out of nothing but little tiny pixel dots. I also like to make things out of real stuff, and am often upcycling old junk into new treasures.

This blog is about my life, my thoughts and a record of my creative pursuits, successful or not, from a woman who likes to try anything and thinks its a lot of fun to share.

Some of my posts may be related to my faith. It is a big part of who I am.

Thanks for visiting

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