Chalkboard Door – family organisation

Family organisation is not one of our strong points. I love the clever menu planers I’ve seen on pinterest, and the magnetic chore charts.
How cute is this one at heartland paper
And these chore charts from Burton Avenue are just amazing.

They are exactly what I needed, but as I looked around my kitchen I couldn’t work out where I could put something like this. We are really limited on space. But I did have a free door, so the door got a makeover.
My hubby was very surprised to arrive home one day and find a big black rectangle with messy edges painted on his kitchen door. And he was really patient with me over the next three weeks as I added coat after coat of magnetic chalkboard paint, as directed on the can. It took six coats to make it magnetic, and I could only paint in the evenings when there were no little fingers around to wipe it all over the house. Turned out to be quite a long project.
I finished it off with oak beading which I mitred on the ends and glued on to the door as a frame.
chalkboard door

It is perfect for us as it is so adaptable to suit our ever changing family needs. I used liquid chalk to mark the things I need to stay on fairly permanently. That way it can still be wiped off with a damp cloth if I feel I need to change things. Over all I am really happy with it. Its not pretty, but it’s practical. We all enjoy writing on it and leaving messages and there is plenty of space for the little ones scribbles.

Here are some other clever chalkboard ideas. The first uses the inside of a cupboard door, found @ inspire design and create. The second from whipperberry is painted onto the side of a piece of furniture, and if you want to go all out then you could paint the whole wall, like this one found @ the nest. Happy painting!


Wooden Photo Blocks

I really love the photo blocks I came across @ somewhere in the middle. Firstly, because I love any cute baby photo, (and this baby is adorable), and secondly, because they look look so good. I can just picture them on my mantelpiece. But if I were to do baby photos I would need to make five, and that might look a little ridiculous, so I’m thinking it might be good to do a family shot, and put the family name on the one block and a good family quote on the other.