Spring Chicken – Easter Craft

We made some cute little chicks today at our mother and toddler group. They were very easy and lots of fun.

All you need are some little scraps of yellow and orange card, a couple of googley eyes (or you could draw them on) and a little ribbon for hanging. The photo below shows what shapes to cut from the card.

My little girls decided the ribbon should be longer so they could wear them as a necklace. You are never too young to accessorise. They make an adorable necklace.


Away in a Manger

The craft we did at or toddler group this week was nativity themed and it was followed by a simple service by the church who run it. It was all very sweet and the kids were dressed as angels, stars, wise men, many Mary’s and lots of sheep.
I glued the wooden sticks together in advance with a blob of hot glue and then the children drew a face on a circle, glued a triangle onto the manger, added straw and a ribbon hanger. Nice and simple. The one above was made by T age 3.

Advent Calendars

We made advent calendars at a class I went to with T and C this week, and I thought they were a great idea that was well worth sharing. We have two, but this is the one you can actually see the picture on, the other one is a wee bit glittery!

The picture was cut from from a Christmas card and glued into the centre of a paper plate which had the numbers 1 – 25 pre written around the edge. Then we had LOADS of fun with the glitter – I’m going to sparkle for a week. We added a hanging ribbon at the top and a little festive peg, which you move around the plate each day. So simple.

There are some really great ideas out there for Christmas countdowns that the children can make. These are a few of my favourites.

This one is a printable calendar from inviting printables. Each day you add a cotton wall ball to build up the beard.
This one by maya made is just toilet rolls, you’d need 25 so would have to start collecting early, or ask the neighbours. The bottom is folded closed and they are wrapped with fabric scraps. You could use Christmas wrapping paper and they are large enough to fit a few treats in if you have a larger family.

I love these trees, but couldn’t find the source. They would have fun making them and decorating them all and you can hide a surprise underneath.

This is cute from La Classe dells maestro valentina. Each day you snip Santa’s beard a little shorter.

Have fun and enjoy the countdown to Christmas, however you choose to do it.

Little Owls for Little People


Toilet Roll Owls

We made these cute little owls at our mother and toddler group today. It was a very easy to prep project and something they could all have a go at. A and C carried them home with such pride and now they are watching over us from the mantelpiece, waiting for Daddy to come home and exclaim over his kids’ creative genius.

The materials are, toilet rolls, googly eyes, glue and coloured paper (to make a rectangle for the body, an oval for the front, wings and a beak). We just used plain paper but I do think that they would look lovely with patterned wings. I just didn’t get round to buying any paper this week. You just wrap the rectangle around the toilet roll, glue all the bits on, and then fold down the top to make the little ears.
I do believe this is my favourite toddler craft so far.

The Best Kind of Gift


We have family emigrating soon and while we were discussing their move my daughter asked what she should make for them as a leaving gift.
I was so pleased by this for several reasons. Firstly, because she takes after me and obviously loves to make things. Secondly, because her first thought wasn’t “what shall I buy, but what shall I make.” With all the media saying “Buy,Buy, Buy” I thought that was kind of sweet. Thirdly, because she understands that a handmade gift has much more value if it’s made with love.
She decided on a chocolate cake. Can’t fail to please with chocolate, clever girl. And no worries about it not fitting in the suitcase!

Toddler Craft – peg bugs


I am having fun organising the craft for the toddler group we go to. This week was a winner. They loved it. It is simply a decorated wooden peg (we used felt pens and sticky black dots), with a square of tissue or crepe paper, a piece of pipe cleaner and some googly eyes. The bugs in the photo above were a selection of those made by the children aged 18 months to 4 years (with a little help from their mums).