To Wrap or not to Wrap?

When it comes to craft fairs I’m always a little stumped about how best to wrap the things people buy. Should I gift wrap or offer a bag? In the past I have just used white tissue paper and a touch of tape. This year I have been trying to come up with other ideas that might be a little more special.

There are certain things that I really have to take into account. Firstly, the cost. Any spend on wrapping is going to eat into my profits, so the more I can save on wrapping, the happier I will be. Secondly, thinking optimistically, there may not be much time for wrapping, so it has to be quick and not too fiddly. Thirdly, it needs to look cute without too much preparation, because life is busy.

So after sifting through all the beautiful wrapping ideas there are on Pinterest, these are a few I found that I think would be perfect for a craft fair.

I love this printed gift bag I found at Thirty Handmade Days. It can be adapted so easily with a trading name or logo, and the little tie is a lovely touch.

This is an effective way of dressing up white tissue paper that I found at Charm Home. Just a strip of festive patterned paper wrapped around my packages would make all the difference to how they look.


Brown paper packages tied up with string – dare I say, that these are one of my favourite things. So easy to do, and the heart just tucked into the string could easily be cut from Christmas paper. Wish I knew who to give the credit of this one to, but there seemed to be a bad link from the Pinterest image. So, I’m off to sort through my supplies, with these ideas fresh in my head and I’ll see what I can come up with before next week to make my wrapping look pretty.


The most wonderful time of the year!

I love this time of year. Before I can begin to think about preparing for Christmas at home I have the lead up to the Christmas craft fairs. It starts early for me this year with a Christmas shopping evening at Loddon Primary school on the 6th Nov. This is followed by a fair on 10th Nov at Trinity Church. It is a great way to sell and I really enjoy meeting other like minded stall holders. The range of crafts that you can find at these events is always surprising and it is fun finding that special something for that special someone.

Online v. Craft fair

I have spent an interesting and mind stretching day battling with technology and social media. My website is now sorted, I have part sorted out an etsy shop, and am working on linking everything to a facebook page. I guess this post will test to see if it is all working. If not, back to the drawing board.

I know how valuable all these tools are for online selling, but today has really made me look forward to the upcoming Christmas Craft fairs. You turn up with your boxes, make your table look all pretty, job done.  This is a lot of hardwork, but I am assured by everyone that it will be worth it.

A work in progress