Another Owl


It seems my life is full of owls at the moment. That may be because my daughter M has a bit of an obsession with them.
Every year I have to come up with 5 new ideas for birthday cakes. For my son J it is easy. Every year it is a different shaped splodge of icing with eyes, a “flanimal” type monster. But the girls have different plans.
This year I didn’t ask M what she wanted. Sometimes its easier to just suprise them. There are times I have asked and been horrified at the expectation. I knew she would like an owl, and after seeking inspiration on pinterest, this is what I came up with. It was a lot of fun to make and although I am no professional cake decorator, she loved it. And that is the most important thing on a birthday, making someone happy (even if it means making another splodgy monster next year).