Bless my Elf on the Shelf

I came home late from college the other night with my head swimming with the things I still needed to do before bed. As I was running around like a loon and really resenting this busy time of year I came across something so beautiful it really made me stop and think.
Our little elf has been hopping around the house each night surprising the kids with his antics. I looked up to find he had already found a spot for the next day. There he sat on my kitchen window sill surrounded by all our well loved and well played with nativity ornaments that I place around the house to help the children remember the true meaning of christmas. Here they all were, gathered together with our elf reading them the Christmas story from the Bible. This was a perfect reminder to me of the true meaning of christmas. I stopped in my tracks with a heart full of gratitude for our little elf on the shelf, for my wise and caring husband but mostly for the little baby Jesus, who he was and is and all that he means to me.


The most wonderful time of the year!

I love this time of year. Before I can begin to think about preparing for Christmas at home I have the lead up to the Christmas craft fairs. It starts early for me this year with a Christmas shopping evening at Loddon Primary school on the 6th Nov. This is followed by a fair on 10th Nov at Trinity Church. It is a great way to sell and I really enjoy meeting other like minded stall holders. The range of crafts that you can find at these events is always surprising and it is fun finding that special something for that special someone.

Online v. Craft fair

I have spent an interesting and mind stretching day battling with technology and social media. My website is now sorted, I have part sorted out an etsy shop, and am working on linking everything to a facebook page. I guess this post will test to see if it is all working. If not, back to the drawing board.

I know how valuable all these tools are for online selling, but today has really made me look forward to the upcoming Christmas Craft fairs. You turn up with your boxes, make your table look all pretty, job done.  This is a lot of hardwork, but I am assured by everyone that it will be worth it.

A work in progress

The Best Kind of Gift


We have family emigrating soon and while we were discussing their move my daughter asked what she should make for them as a leaving gift.
I was so pleased by this for several reasons. Firstly, because she takes after me and obviously loves to make things. Secondly, because her first thought wasn’t “what shall I buy, but what shall I make.” With all the media saying “Buy,Buy, Buy” I thought that was kind of sweet. Thirdly, because she understands that a handmade gift has much more value if it’s made with love.
She decided on a chocolate cake. Can’t fail to please with chocolate, clever girl. And no worries about it not fitting in the suitcase!

Say Goodbye to Technophobia!

What a journey. This blog is dedicated to my transition from bored, to business. Over the past few years I have been devoting all spare time to turning my crafting hobby and love of all things creative into a productive business. At last, my website is up and running. It has been a learning curve for someone who was even scared of a mobile phone. But I overcame all apprehensions and with a lot of hard work, study, and Tech support have managed to create an online shop.

This is my next step. Time to share the joy I find in the whole creative learning process with anyone in the world who may feel that this is of any value to their life.